Wooden OK Kits

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Wooden OK Kits

Post  Dean G. on Tue Aug 05, 2008 9:14 pm

I have developed an easy to build stitch and glue (wood and epoxy) OK Dinghy kit boat modeled off of the well know Mirror Dinghy Kit. These kits are going to be build using premium materials, and cut to produce a finished boat along the lines of an O'Donnell hull shape (this is a good all-around hull shape). This kit boat would make a great boat for somebody looking at getting into the class (either as a new sailor, or a sailor that used to sail OKs) that wants to do some club racing, and even up to a national level.

I have to confirm up some numbers, but preliminarily, I am looking to sell these kits as follows:

- Hull Kit (Occoume Plywood, Mahogany, Fir) approx $2500. This includes the wood needed (pre-cut and some assembly already done) to build a hull and deck, an epoxy fillet and coating system that is VERY user friendly, all necessary fastners to build the hull.
- Fittings and lines (based on the commonly used layout) $1250 (RWO fittings including all rudder hadrware, Tiller Extension, Bailer, Inspection Ports, etc.)
- Fittings and Lines $1500 (Harken Fittings including same as previous)
- Foils (Plywood and 'glass in epoxy) - Centreboard $300 and 15 degree fixed rudder with tiller $250
- Spars - I am still working on finding suppliers for these, however, Goldspar in Australia has quoted me around 1200 AUD (plus shipping) for an alloy spar. I think most carbon builders are making masts for around $2000 CAD (plus shipping). I will hopefully have some frim numbers soon.
- Sail - I have a quote from North that they can build a sail for $1050 CAD (plus shipping/duties/taxes), and I have another quote form a small loft in Ontario that can build a sail for $600 CAD. Once again, I will firm up these numbers and let you know.

In a nut shell, a complete kit (Hull, Fittings, Spars, Foils, Sail) will come in starting at around $6400 CAD plus shipping. (Of course, these are just rough numbers.) Buyers can save some money by finding a used mast and sail on the classified sections of other fleets, or using their own fittings and lines to suit their own design. Just some ideas. Finish paint or stain are not included (they can decide whether they want to clear finish or paint, cover in a full wrap of cloth, or leave as is)

These kits are going to be produced thru my company (Performance Boat Manufacturing). Ultimately, I will be offering both a wood kit and a full composite foam core glass boat. If you would like any futher information, or if you have any questions, please let me know.

Dean G.
Dean G.

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OK sails in Canada

Post  OKFINN on Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:40 am

I know you posted this many years ago, but what was the 'small loft that would build OK sails. I would like to have one made for a Needlespar black tip without paying to have one made and shipped in Europe


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